A Pawsitive Difference

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Personal Dog Training Classes held within the local Ottawa area

My classes will be taught privately at your home or public venue. I will be assessing your dogs behaviour, your handling skills and environment. Not all dogs or handlers are the same. I have applied different training methods to different teams. When the need arises, I will think outside the box or go into my box of training methods to make a perfect fit. 

 When working with fear aggressive dogs I have successfully incorperated TTouch methods (Tellington Touch)  and confidence building first; then concentrate on learning.

Should you have more than one dog, we will have to work separately with each individual dog and later on with the pack as a whole.

I will teach you how to manage your dogs behaviour and help you create a wonderful bond with your four legged friend.

 Puppy Kindergarten:

Puppy K. consist of 4 hours, one hour a week for four weeks. All the basics are taught to build a strong foundation and inspire your dog to wanting long after your sessions are finished. 

Some of the basics are: Sit stay, down stay, stand stay, attention exersices, calming exersices to prepare your dog for being handled by you, your veterinarian or groomerIt goes without say that a strong recall (come) is a must. Your dog will learn leave it (food, cats, squirrels etc.) because you are more important. Of course house training, crate training and other issues that arise will be covered.

The more you work with your dog the stronger the foundation. Often 5-15min. a day 3x a day is all that is needed. It is not about quantity but rather quality. 



$75 per hour for customers in Orleans,

$95 per hour for customers in Ottawa and Rockland.


Advanced training classes:

We will work with more distractions, build more confidence work on loose leash walking and finally work off leash.  Puppy K. is recommended to prepare you and your dog.

Same fees as puppy k. apply. Training time will be the same as well. 


Behaviour modification training:

I will assess your dogs behaviour and start you on some exercises. Some problems can be quickly fixed in one or two sessions but some may take longer.  It will all depend on the problem, your consistency, your dogs breed, attitude and the issues at hand. 

Note: the same fee schedule will apply.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Bring -a friend- classes:

Book a semi private session (4 h- one hour sessions) with a friend and her/his dog and both of you will receive a discount.